The National Association of Business Owners (NABO) was created to provide much-needed assistance to the small business owner.  The small business owner is a vital group that serves as the engine for the American economy.  It’s been estimated that of the 25 million businesses in the United States, over 90% are small businesses.  While “small” business comprises all businesses with 500 or fewer employees, the overwhelming majority of small businesses are indeed “small”, employing fewer than 10 employees, with a large number having none at all.

Despite the fact that the largest segment of all businesses is made up of these smaller enterprises, there is a surprising lack of support for these important business owners.  Many small business owners find themselves without the proper resources necessary to navigate the murky waters that make up the ever-changing business world.  Well, that’s where NABO comes in.

NABO is dedicated to providing the nation’s small business owners with the tools, resources, knowledge, and information to not only survive in business, but thrive!  The combined experience of the team at NABO provides small business owners with the information and education required to start, build, and grow their business in a proper and more importantly, profitable fashion.

Find out more about NABO, who we are, what we do and more importantly how we can help you right now in your business, by going through the tour of our site.  Thanks for visiting and we look forward to helping you take care of business.